Events & Workshops

Here is where you will find all of Janara's upcoming classes, special events, workshops and conference appearances. If you would like Janara to design a custom program for your group or speak at your gathering, please email!

Women's Wilderness Workshops
When / Where:

July 23-26, 2020


Women's Wilderness Workshops is the premier women's primitive skills Rendezvous. This is the first skills gathering of its kind in the United States. Join us for a virtual version of our gathering this year. Class announcements and schedule is available here.

Janara is excited to connect with the community in virtual form, while we all stay safe at home due to the pandemic.

This year, Janara will be offering a new class - Free From TP. This is an exploration of a hygiene system that is sustainable, healthy, and landfill-free. LEARN MORE

When / Where:

August 7-9, 2020


Dragonfest is a large, regional, neopagan spiritual retreat held in the mountains of Colorado each August. People of all religions and spiritual traditions are welcome at Dragonfest, but workshops and rituals focus on various Neopagan, Wiccan, and other Earth-based spiritual practices.  Dragonfest of Colorado, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation registered in the state of Colorado whose mission includes bringing the retreat to fruition. 


Janara is pleased to offer a ritual of activism, the Warriors of the Sun, at Dragonfest 2020. LEARN MORE

Winter Count Rendezvous
When / Where:

February 10-16, 2020

Florence, AZ

Winter Count, (started 1995), and SkyEarth (started October 2018) are primitive skills gatherings much like the ones that Janara has taught at on the East Coast. She's excited to meet the community here on the West Coast!  These gatherings  strive to reconnect people with old ways of making fire, tanning hides, forming metal, weaving baskets, hunting, gathering and much more. We teach ancestral skills that were essential to the survival and well being of all cultures, no matter what continent your ancestors came from.


Janara is pleased to offer the ever-popular Meditative Archery and Women's Backcountry Health at Winter Count 2020. LEARN MORE

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